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About Me

Seems like I've wanted to be a Grandma for so long! And now I am!  Our oldest son and his wife just had a beautiful baby girl last fall.  At last!  Now I am part of the club.  Most all of my friends are grandparents now and I felt like it was a secret club that I wasn't a part of.  I have been writing children's books for the last few years, now I can share them with my own grandchild!  And it is great.  Check out my Instagram for grandma quotes, tips, fun recipes and silly pictures:   Grandma's Club



Charlie is my sidekick and entertainer.  He hangs out and acts silly while I am working on my books.  He was the inspiration for my first paperback book: "No Cookies for Kitty".  He keeps me company and makes me smile.  He can be a little challenging at times, he gets into everything! 

But he has a great personality!