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(Boy's name) Loves Animals!

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Kids love to see their own name in a book!   Made with adorable illustrations and simple rhymes, sure to make him smile!  You can click on the book cover, then the arrows to see most of the pages of the book.  Made with glossy cover and paper pages. Printed and shipped right here in the U.S.  Available and ready to print in many names.  

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Aiden     Alex     Alexander     Benjamin     Carter     Cliff     Colton    
Elijah     Elliott   Ethan     Evan     Jackson     Jacob     James    
Knox     Landon     Liam     Logan     Luca     Lucas     Mason  
Michael     Nickolas     Nio     Noah     Oliver     Paul     Reid    
Sebastian     Steven     Weston     Will     Zeke
Other names are available.  You can type "book for (name) by Sally Helmick North"
in the Amazon search box.